In the article “Tips for organizing the first meeting with a foreigner”, we have already touched on how to behave if, after the first real meeting, a woman does not have sympathy for a foreigner who has come to her. Today we would like to return to this issue and touch on other aspects of behavior towards a man who, at the first meeting, did not make the proper impression.

In the field of international dating, one can encounter not only happy love stories, joy and gratitude of couples who, despite the distance, stereotypes or fears, were able to find each other and create a happy relationship . Unfortunately, examples of inhumane attitude towards another person are not rare.

We would not dwell on this rather delicate and unpleasant topic in such detail if it were not necessary. Unfortunately, in our time, the moral attitudes of many people allow them to calmly leave another person to their fate in an unfamiliar country or take advantage of his feelings, his hope for reciprocity for selfish purposes.

THE FIRST MEETING WITH A FOREIGNER...Planning Phase for The First Meeting

Already at the stage when a man starts a conversation about the possibility of a first meeting, it is worth assessing the seriousness Amolatina of your interest in him. Because if something about him repels you, is an obvious and undeniable flaw , a real meeting is unlikely to change this.

How responsibly are you ready to deal with him if you don’t like him at the first meeting? Remember that he will come only for you. He, most likely, does not speak Russian, he has no acquaintances in your city and he will have no one to turn to for help. Are you ready to treat this man in a friendly way? And if you don’t like him when you meet, honestly tell him that you can’t reciprocate his feelings, but don’t leave him to the mercy of fate in a foreign country. These are important questions that should be answered honestly and thoughtfully.

It is worth agreeing to a meeting with a foreign man not because of a simple interest in whether someone will come, not because one evening in the week will be free and it would be nice to occupy him with something, diversify your pastime, but only if you really sincerely interested to meet / meet this man! Readiness for action should be valued and respected along with the actions themselves. Because sometimes, if there is no reciprocity, the need for the actions themselves can simply disappear … If you have no sincere interest in meeting a man, you should tell him about it, and not let the situation go on as usual, forcing a person to travel for no reason in order to tell him what you already felt / knew perfectly well at the stage of correspondence with him.

Momentary benefit in exchange for a happy future? – Meeting With a Foreigner

It doesn’t matter if you are a European or a Slav, wealthy or with an average income – no man likes manifestations of self-interest in a woman. At the first meeting, when a foreigner came to get to know you, you should think carefully before taking him shopping and expecting him to pay for expensive purchases … Let’s make a reservation that this does not apply to paying the bill in a restaurant or joint visits to museums, exhibitions …

A man you like, such a “pastime” at the first meeting, can repel and spoil his impression of you. A foreigner will do what is expected of him – pay for purchases. However, by receiving gifts, you may lose the opportunity to share a future with him. Treat people the way you would like them to treat you. Looking for benefits or taking advantage of the moment. You can miscalculate and end up with the results of a shopping tour, but without a reliable, loving man and a future in a European country.

If you don’t like a foreigner, you don’t need to look for benefits in any situation and force a gentleman. Who hopes for reciprocity to do a shopping marathon. Winning in one, you can lose another: your face.

Honesty and humanity are qualities that are valued above. A beautiful appearance or material condition. But which, unfortunately, are very rare in our time to be found in people. Is it due to the crisis, the financial instability of many Eastern European countries? Or just personal indifference to the fate and feelings of another person, universal moral values?

Money in European countries is earned by labor. They do not come to a person along with a passport of a citizen of a country that is part of the European Union.

Let it be bitter, but true…Meeting With a Foreigner

If you didn’t like a man at the first meeting, you need to honestly tell him about it. And not play with his feelings and hopes! Unfortunately, it is easier for a Slavic woman to remain. Silent or just simply disappear: stop answering a man’s calls and leave him in a foreign country all alone.

Personal negative life experience is not an excuse for such an attitude towards other people. If a person was treated dishonestly, this does not give him the right to do the same with other people. It is precisely because of the attitude towards foreigners described above. That an unpleasant stereotype about. The selfishness of women from Eastern Europe has developed and is confirmed every time.

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By acting dishonestly or irresponsibly with a foreign gentleman. You can deprive another sincere woman of the opportunity to meet her happiness. After all, a man will lose confidence not only in. The person who has acted dishonestly with him, but, possibly, in all Slavic women. This situation can no longer be corrected by talking about the sincerity, kindness and purity of the Slavic soul…

In conclusion, we would like to say. That it is impossible to prescribe norms of behavior to another person and force him to follow them. Ultimately, everyone decides for himself. How to act in a given situation. However, the well-known proverb is no less true, namely, “what you sow, you will reap.”

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