Matchmaking Agencies From the beginning where everyone had a very big stigma so that no one wanted to rent office space for us, and we also couldn’t advertise Arabiandate  in the newspaper, until now everyone can talk about matchmaking agencies very openly with their friends !

We spoke to 2 of our members who have found their life partner through a dating agency, and why they chose Lunch Actually even though there are much cheaper options.

“I like that they set my expectations clear from the start. I can tell the characteristics and options I’m looking for in great detail. My consultant really spent time and effort understanding my options,” said Sebastian.

“I chose Lunch Actually even though the price was more premium because I believed that  like this with their years of experience and dedicated consultants would be able to give me effective results! So even though it’s not cheap, you get a lot of value!” he said further.

Matchmaking Agencies Have Changed a Lot“Their dating consultants are very warm and professional. They put a lot of effort into choosing the date venue, and they also offer an introduction to your partner, so I don’t feel that this blind date is too ‘random’.

After each date, I would be asked to share honest feedback and whether I would be interested in meeting that date again. And after that, my consultant will share feedback from my date about me too. Talking to my consultant feels like talking to a friend who can give me advice and advice.”

Sebastian has now successfully found his match with the woman we introduced him to! 

“Telling me the ideal characteristics that I’m looking for is easy, but trusting my consultant to be able to find the right partner is a challenge. I am very happy and relieved that I have dared to take this first step, because the results are so worth it!”

One of our members, J, said, “I joined Lunch Actually because I believed that it would give me the opportunity to meet new people. Initially, I was still unsure and uncomfortable with the idea of ​​a ‘blind date’, but I feel that Lunch Actually arranges dates in a very safe and comfortable atmosphere. Also, they preformed my date’s profile before the date, and they only arranged dates if both parties agreed. So this makes me more confident and comfortable.”

J admitted that at first, he felt awkward when dating, and at that time he also started to get busy again with his job, so he felt a bit desperate and he asked for his membership to be stopped temporarily.

“During that break, I still kept in touch with my consultant. And one year later, he was the one who took the initiative if maybe I wanted to see and review again about my hopes in this Lunch Actually program, and how he could help me again to find my potential partner.

I thought they would be happy to terminate my membership (because I paid for the membership up front. And that meant less work for them), but instead. They push me to give another chance to date. review When I think back, I’m very grateful to my consultant. Who kept following up and encouraging me to come back to this program. I finally found my now husband on the 7th date they arrange!”

Yes, J is now married to the 7th man we introduced! – Matchmaking Agencies

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J’s final opinion on Lunch Actually:

Yes, finding love is not easy. No one can be sure. Some people can spend their whole life looking for their partner, and some people find. Their partner successfully through online dating or apps. Either way is not important. Choose the service that suits you. Lunch Actually found a husband for me. And I’m very grateful for that.”


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