he Relationship With A Friend met the boy, then stated that she could not treat men differently than friends. I started to think about it more deeply and I had a thought that I would like to discuss with you. Is it worth getting into a relationship with a friend? I encourage you to meet. This time we will analyze how to change the approach to a potential partner whom we treat as a friend!

The disadvantages of treating a man as a friend

I have known the friend I mentioned at the beginning for over a dozen years. In fact, we cannot treat ourselves in any other way than friendly. We are like sister and SharekAlomre.com brother to each other. I know that I would not be able to form a relationship with her because she is asexual to me (that is, I am not attracted to the woman I am in a relationship with).

The situation becomes absurd when the potential partner does not understand why she reacts to the tenderness, as if she was kissed by her brother? He is probably unaware that this is how she feels when he tries to get closer. Days, weeks, passes until the guy starts wondering how long does he have to wait for them to hold hands? When will the moment come when she herself will kiss him first?

I would get dark if I didn’t mention the sexual issue, because one of the elements of a male-female relationship is sex. It is not the most important between a woman and a man, but it is the realm that most of us need. If we don’t have other relationships behind us, SharekAlomre sometimes even boldness won’t make a breakthrough in the next step. Therefore, it is important to change attitudes.

Is a Relationship With A Friend Possible?

Friendship and lust in a relationship

I was wondering, what could I say to people who have come to love someone with whom they are very close? Although my loved one remembers the circumstances in which we met better, I have a few memories that were not easy. First of all, I was in a relationship that was toxic so my current girlfriend knew more or less the situation I went through.

Long after the end of the relationship, I was unable to convince myself of the women, so I treated all my friends with a distance. For several weeks, I wondered if I would risk losing my friendship if I risk becoming involved in a relationship with her? I knew that if we didn’t commit to a relationship, our friendship would have a chance to last.

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With small steps, my beloved reached me, convincing me and building trust. The problem was not the girl herself, but my attitude towards women, after the previous relationship. She worked with me for a long time, but finally it worked. Our past experiences, which required us to build trust, are of great importance. We built the relationship on friendship and a joint decision to risk it.

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